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5 Tips for Beating Downwell

Downwell has been featuring a lot in recent posts, it’s one of the reasons I proclaimed the Vita alive and well, and is one of the best indie titles that I’ve played in years. It’s beautifully simplistic, yet infuriatingly difficult, which in my opinion is a perfect combination. At just £4 on the PSN store as well, there’s no reason for you not to play it.

Taking a Step Back

The past few weeks, I’ve been suffering something awful. After losing the race to 100 jingles - which came down to some disgusting behaviour from the other contestant involving a triple jingle in the form of Sound Shapes - I had a real case of burnout. This happens from time to time, I had no motivation to play, instead spending my time off screen with my guitar, game of thrones and getting back into marathon training.