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Finding the Write App

Through my time spent writing in an academic format, as a freelance writer and an amateur blogger, I’ve found that finding the right medium is the key to being productive. Gone are the days where Microsoft Word - a tool more primitive than pen and paper - is your only option when it comes to word processing. Both Mac and iOS App Stores are littered with excellent alternatives, because for me, Microsoft Word offers little in the way of useful features, and those it does offer are cluttered and hidden in a jungle of menus and options that are so niche to certain markets, that they forget the everyday writer.

Thoughts on the 5K iMac

I’ve been a Mac user since 2007. My first mac was a white polycarbonate MacBook, with a lowly 1GB of Ram and 120GB hard drive. It was a simple machine, but at the time I was just an A-Level student, with simple needs. Even for that, my MacBook was an extravagant purchase.