Welcome to my small corner of the internet. Well, I say that like I’ve only got one small corner, but in truth I have several. But this small corner is something a little different. Something a little more personal, a little closer to home.

I write a lot. The majority of it is bad isn’t great. But I like to think that some is passable. I’m hoping that most of the content you’ll find here errs on the passable side of the page. I have a couple of projects that are ongoing, I run a small science communication website, Sci-Envy and also write for a group called MKEN - The Marine Knowledge Exchange Network.

You see I’m a scientist by trade, currently studying for a PhD, so you could say I’m a good one at that. However, science is pretty all consuming, and everyone needs a break from their 9–5 - or their 24/7 in my case. My escape usually comes in the form of technology, and I guess that is the main topic of what I want to write about here. Whether it’s through Apple, or getting lost in my PS4.

For years I’ve followed sites like the exceptional MacStories and Beautiful Pixels, both of which have been regular sources of inspiration for me. However, a lot of what is covered on MacStories, where I find it very interesting, isn’t always applicable. I like to think that I use a lot of advanced features in devices, but I’m still just your average user. A lot of readers of the aforementioned sites are what the internet loves to call power users, and as such some articles alienate your every-day Joe’s like myself.

So here I am, trying to cater to my kind of people, at my kind of pace, in my own little corner of the internet. I’d love to catch the interest of a few of you, and for you to follow my voyage into the wider waters of the already over-saturated tech blog space. I’ll offer opinions, suggestions and maybe even a little insight - if you’re lucky - into apps, games, tech and more. Stick around.

Setting Sail….