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Just over two weeks ago, Preshit Deurukhkar relaunched, a website dedicated to enabling you to share your iPhone homescreen with other iPhone users. This sharing enables you to discover new apps, which is never an easy task, as well as gain fresh wallpaper ideas.

The new is built from the ground up, by iOS enthusiasts for fellow iOS enthusiasts. However, the website was never really meant to be…

For months, developers of struggled to get their app through Apple’s approval service. During the first iteration of the website, a native app was one of the most requested features. However, after a long battle and eventual rejection, the new website was born.

I mentioned before, that an individuals home screen is unique to their productivity. Therefore, provides a unique window into the productivity tips and tricks of professionals from all walks of life. It’s already encouraged me to test new apps - Pennies being the front runner of these. It’s let me find fresh new wallpapers, landing on something that has finally booted the iOS 9 stock wallpaper off my homescreen.

iOS is not where the new stops though. The new website comes with Apple Watch support too, allowing you to share the layout of your watch face, or honeycomb icon arrangement. This is really useful for me. WatchOS is still in it’s infancy, and as such I’m always on the lookout for fresh third party complications that will make my life easier. seems to be the perfect platform for this.

I seem to remember on the initial site, that iPad support was built in. This is not yet available on the fresh build, but it’s a feature that I can assume will be coming in updates down the line.

For the time being, there’s plenty to see already. So head on over to and sign up. You can follow my set up here.