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God of War III Remastered: The Jingle Verdict

One franchise that I didn’t mention in my trophy advice piece, was God of War. This franchise features multiple games, across multiple platforms, with a difficulty that in truth isn't as hard as it sounds. There are some tough moments in God of War I and II on PS3 and Vita, but other than that, you’re looking at plain sailing for an additional seven platinums.

I want to focus on God of War III here, as I’ve just finished playing the remastered version on PS4.

There’s many reasons why God of War III is worth a dabble, especially as you can pick up a copy for as little as £12 new at present. Firstly, even on PS3 this game was beautiful - PS4 takes it to a whole new level. Kratos’s third outing is a cinematic epic, and would be one of the best games to grace a Sony console if you could actually feel for Kratos. Trust me, by the time you’ve played seven of his games, he becomes incredibly boring - just shouts all the time and features in some hilariously bad voice acting, and I for one would welcome the introduction of a new protagonist in the rumoured fourth iteration of the story.

There's no denying how gorgeous GOW III Remastered is...

Angry Kratos aside, God of War III is still a triumph, and a really straight forward trophy. Complete three tasks and the platinum is yours:

  1. Play through the story while grabbing collectables.
  2. Complete the Challenges of Olympus
  3. Finish the game on Titan difficulty.

Titan difficulty would be pretty challenging, but I’m going to highlight two exploits that make it a cake-walk.

Once you’ve finished your initial play through, and finished the very straightforward challenges, head to the battle arena. Select Titan difficulty, and die until the game suggests you drop the difficulty down to Easy mode. Select ‘No’, and the game will boot you back to the main menu. Start a new game on Titan, and hey presto, you’ve got all of the games weapons fully upgraded and ready to beast Titan mode.

The second exploit makes this even easier. Because you already have the Nemean Cestus, you can jump from your first visit to the Three Judges - around 30 minutes into the game - to the final fight with Zeus. Therefore, the toughest trophy in the game can be grabbed within an hour of starting your Titan play through.

These exploits can be performed on both God of War III on the PS3 and the remastered version on the PS4, making it the perfect combination of beautiful, enjoyable and a quick platinum. You can check out the video of the exploit in action below: