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Day of the Tentacle

In the advent of HD remasters, we’ve seen the successful reintroduction of some lost gems of gaming generations gone by. Since the release of the PS4, we’ve seen PS3 games remastered, PS2 games released in HD collections - such as Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, even Metal Gear Solid - that have also made their way to the Vita. PS One titles have been readily available digitally, with Final Fantasy VII even receiving trophy support.

In loo of these remasters, the absolutely classic point and click adventure from Lucas Arts has made it’s way back into our hearts via a ground up remaster. Day of the Tentacle, was originally released in 1993, and widely regarded as one of the funniest and most loved point and click adventures ever. Seeming as I was just two years old at the time of release, Day of the Tentacle somewhat passed me by, but I couldn’t resist picking it up in the latest PSN Sale.

With HD visuals, vibrant colour and trophy support, the lure of Day of the Tentacle was too much, so here’s my verdict.

Tentacles, Tickles and Time Travel

Day of the Tentacle tells the story of an evil purple tentacle with his eyes set on world domination, with only three time-travelling teenagers capable of standing in it’s way. Each one of these teens is sent to a different time period, one heading back to colonial america, another to the future whilst one stays in the present. Time travel does not stand in the way of teamwork, and only by working together to solve cross temporal conundrums is it possible to stop the evil tentacle and save the world. Sounds intriguing right?

You can alter the timeline of each character by trading items across time in order to solve the puzzles placed in front of you. It’s worth mentioning, that some of these puzzles are hilariously obscure, and take a thorough level of interaction with multiple items across multiple characters to solve. So don’t be put off or disheartened if things don’t immediately go your way. If all else fails, the internet has improved considerable since 1993, so you can look up solutions in this nifty trophy guide.

The graphics of 1993's original Day of the Tentacle

The charm of these puzzles is undeniable though. The constant disregard of the so called butter-fly effect from meddling with the fabric of time is completely ignored meaning that the characters can meddle as much as they like, be it by consistently microwaving and freezing a hamster in order for it to power a generator in the past, or supercharging a battery through Thomas Edisons kite to use in the future. Day of the Tentacle know’s no bounds and it’s hilarious and unique story is what sets it apart.

The affection and attention to detail given to the remaster ensures that nothing is lost from the original, and in turn creates a relatable and enjoyable experience to newcomers to the game. With a reasonable asking price even outside the sale, Day of the Tentacle is well worth picking up and playing. Personally, I’d recommend playing it on the Vita, as it’s one of the few games that actually feels natural using the touch screen.

So smooth, the remastered and redrawn Day of the Tentacle

Trophy Time

Another reason for playing Day of the Tentacle is that it has one of the most inventive trophy lists I’ve come across. Very few of them are missable, but many are tough to find. If you follow this guide you can platinum the game in around four or five hours, making it one of the quickest platinums available. A perfect addition to your ever growing collection, or a great starting point for the amateur trophy hunter.

If you’re looking for something a little different to play, something hilarious and charming, then look no further than Day of the Tentacle. If you’ve got plenty to play on your PS4 already, it’s also available on iOS for just £3.99. It feels right at home on the iPad, with no detraction from the high resolution visuals.

Day of the Tentacle is an essential title for those that played the original, and well worth a trip to the past for newcomers. Reasonably priced and outrageously funny, it’s not one to be missed. Top up your PSN credit here if needs be.