PS4 Slim?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock all weekend, you should have seen images surfacing of the rumoured PS4 Slim, or potentially the upcoming Neo. I’m inclined to lean more towards the images being that of the slim PS4, mainly due to the hard drive size being quoted on the box as 500GB, which is seemingly too small for the Neo, given that the current PS4 model ships in 1TB size.

Day of the Tentacle

In the advent of HD remasters, we’ve seen the successful reintroduction of some lost gems of gaming generations gone by. Since the release of the PS4, we’ve seen PS3 games remastered, PS2 games released in HD collections - such as Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, even Metal Gear Solid - that have also made their way to the Vita. PS One titles have been readily available digitally, with Final Fantasy VII even receiving trophy support.

Sound Shapes: Three for One

The jingle train is back at full speed, beginning the long journey from 100 platinums towards the 150 milestone. Sound Shapes was the first title to get us underway, accounting for PJs 101, 102 & 103. That’s right, one game, three platinum jingles.

On the Nintendo NX Rumours

I grew up on a diet of Nintendo. From the combination of an N64 and GBA, through the Gamecube and the GBA SP - shout out to Four Swords - and finally to the Wii and the DS. I do own a 3DS, but the only game I have is Super Smash Bros., because everyone needs that in their life. Zoinking makes for a great stress reliever.

5 Tips for Beating Downwell

Downwell has been featuring a lot in recent posts, it’s one of the reasons I proclaimed the Vita alive and well, and is one of the best indie titles that I’ve played in years. It’s beautifully simplistic, yet infuriatingly difficult, which in my opinion is a perfect combination. At just £4 on the PSN store as well, there’s no reason for you not to play it.

The Impact of Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is a game changer, there’s no denying it. The augmented reality mobile app has got people glued to there phone’s desperately trying to catch ‘em all. It sounds an overstatement to say that it has changed society, but people are walking round in groups trying to catch digital critters like never before. People are quitting their jobs, finding dead bodies and even using it to spread religion. This societal change is evident.

Taking a Step Back

The past few weeks, I’ve been suffering something awful. After losing the race to 100 jingles - which came down to some disgusting behaviour from the other contestant involving a triple jingle in the form of Sound Shapes - I had a real case of burnout. This happens from time to time, I had no motivation to play, instead spending my time off screen with my guitar, game of thrones and getting back into marathon training.